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Plantation Orchard

The weekend of February 25 and 26,

VSparticipatory workshop of the planting of the orchard/agroforestry


We are determined to plant our 68 trees in 2 days.

We are about fifteen, armed with shovels, spades   with earth, dung and shredded material.

The stakes and the fence are in place.


Everyone plants their tree by connecting to the earth.

Short lunch break.

Sharing anecdotes and life experiences.

The rest periods are always very appreciable.

Planting finished, thank you all


In recycling mode

Saturday January 21, 2023

Small one-day project that replaces the orchard planting weekend

because the cold came to settle, over a few days, with -5°c.

Happy moments spent with many of its volunteers, it's really nice to have these friendly times.

We share our life experiences, our projects and we create a bond between us.


Arrival on the agricultural field


It digs, it cups, while sharing bursts of laughter and ditties.


The pond fills up on the few rains of November, can't wait for the next ones.

repas 21 janvier pneu.jpg

Meal shared with the fine team


Last straight line, it's still going down

Construction finished, thank you all

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