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A Committed Project
for Nature

Autonomy, Self-management, Sharing and Respect

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Law 1901

Our associationaims tomaintainand ofpromote local peasant agriculture that is ecologically sound, socially fair and supportive. Ofsupport local actors and local businessesworking for themaintenance of peasant agricultureand thedistribution of healthy and fair trade products.Encourage meetings, human exchanges and promote local initiatives.

Conserve or aggravate biodiversitypresent on land for agricultural or natural use.

Accueil: L'équipe

The  Members

from the Association


The main objective of the association is to create a collective farm for the common good.

It will be the basis of all the activities of the association.
It will also welcome farmers, artisans aware of current ecological issues, and creators of links with local residents.

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Markets - Products

Visibility - Exchange - Sales

Since the creation of theassociation, we make sure to sell our products on the markets in order to promote local exchanges.
We also settle in local grocery stores.
Our products are mainly made from unsold fruits and vegetables from organic stores.

We produce medicinal plants.

confiture fruits rouges.jpg


Installation - Construction - Autonomy

The land being acquired, we move on to the first phase of our installation with the objective: the food autonomy of our collective.
We install our individual habitats, and arrange the different spaces (garden, vegetable patch, orchard, etc.).
At the same time, we are building small ecological buildings for our future production (greenhouses, storage shed, processing laboratory, etc.)



Agriculture - Local exchanges - Open to the public

Latest development of our project, the production on a larger scale of fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants, cereals... 

We want to bring our energy to the life of local villages, by participating in local markets or by supporting local initiatives.

We would eventually like to be able to host training sessions, participatory projects, so that our place becomes a place of sharing, training, learning and experimentation.

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Culture has been integrated in an obvious way in the axes of the association, because it makes it possible to make the link.

A local link, between humans to discover, share and learn together.


Support us

To carry out this project, we need you!

Collectes de fonds

Make a donation

We have budgeted our project, allowing us to estimate our needs as accurately as possible and to prioritize them. Fundraising will therefore allow us, depending on the levels reached, to achieve these objectives:


Because your donation has a very great value for us, and without you our project would only succeed in several years. It seemed normal to us that you could also develop your autonomy and participate in the preservation of biodiversity.


For a minimum participation of ten euros, you become a member of our association. You will be able to participate in general meetings and bring your voice  to the project. We will also allow you to follow our progress.

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May 21, 2022 Festival A Fleur De Mousse

Here is again the A Fleur De Mousse festival organized by the association in Donneville. Free admission.

A second edition richer in activities, workshops and conferences aimed at young and old alike.

A craft market from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., concerts from 7 p.m.

Throughout the event, there will be brewers, with very good beers.


You can eat with food-trucks for lunch and an anti-waste meal in the evening (reservation by email or on site)

You can find all the programming on the site page at: Culture or on the event page.



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