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One year - Three years

Installation - Construction - Autonomy

The land being acquired, we begin the installations.

In order to have the least impact on the fauna and flora already existing on the site, we use the precepts of Permaculture(market gardening on living soil and agroforestry).

Our first step is therefore to Observe,the different biotopes, the sunshine according to the hours and the seasons, the availability of water, the frequent winds and their circulation, the texture and composition of the soil....

All this allows us to analyze the wild areas to preserve, the ideal places for market gardening areas, orchards. Development is also done thanks to the list of our needs and our production objectives. We reflect on how often and for what use each area can be used, in order to facilitate circulation and the space we take up. This period can be rather long but it is essential because once the trees have been planted or the hangar has been installed, it is difficult to go back.

We then install our Habitats, which we want to be ecological, movable so that nature can regain its rights as soon as possible after our passage. We set up an autonomous electrical installation via solar panels, wind turbines. Each waste produced must be recycled and used (phyto-purification, dry toilets, compost, etc.).

We then place our cultivation and let's plant the trees. Trees are essential in our project. They contribute to our food self-sufficiency but they serve as windbreaks, provide shade for the high summer heat, host a variety of animals and insects useful for our crops and accentuate the life of the soil.


Dug pond: 20 cubic meters, just missing the rain

Thanks to the associationTo chewfor helping us finance our agroforestry orchard project and for helping us plant

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