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Because your donation has a very great value for us, and without you our project would only succeed in several years. It seemed normal to us that you could also develop your autonomy and participate in the preservation of biodiversity.

To contributors
subscription to the newsletter, with your agreement, during the donation, 
+ Benefactor member, member of the LaVidaLocale association
+ Name on plaque of contributors + 1 invitationat the inauguration of the farm

Level 1 from 10 to 99€

Level 2 from 100 to 249€
1 bag of seeds (shipping possible)
Level 3 from 250 to 499€
Level 2 +
1 gourmet or cosmetic basket
Level 4 from 500 to 999€
Level 3 +
1 day of market gardening/arboriculture/processing initiation
Level 5 from 1000 to +€
Level 4 +
1 weekend at the farm (1day/1night)

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