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A big thank you to the whole team for this rather successful first edition.
More than 500 people !!! 

Thank you to all the artists who came to share their sound effects with us. A real treat !!!


We can already tell you next year, thanks to your support and energy.


















We are delighted to announce:

Holding the first edition ofMoss Flower Festival, from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m., Saturday September 4 in Donneville

This festival is organized by the associationLaVidaLocale,
theCloudand theDonneville town hall


It will allow you to:
- Discover local artisans and producers,
- Discover micro-brewers and the process of making beer,
- Participate in workshops for children and adults,
- Listen to a speaker on permaculture,
- Share a dinner made from recovered products,
- Discover budding artists to make you dance or gossip until the end of the night, for the most motivated.


As you will have understood, this festival is focused on ecology, local trade and sustainable development.

This festival is free.


For lunch, fast food stands will be offered to you with local traders.


Evening meal reservations can be made by email.

The preparation of the meal will be provided by the LaVidaLocale association.


Concerts: Rock - Dub - Electro - Pop - Techno - Trance

°° NUHO °°

Progressive Techno


°° SKAND °°
Intimate Rock


°° ॐ CREATEKGOA ॐ °°


°° LIA °°


°° CAZ °°


°° STORM °°
Rock Covers


Experimental Ambient

°° NOMADZ °°


Stands & Animations of the local market:


°° The friend of traditional bread °°
Natural sourdough breads, pastries (Nature et Progrès)


°° The Natural Bubble °°
Artisanal production of soaps, cosmetics


°° The Lauragaise °°
Beekeeping - Honey


°° Made-to-measure wickerwork °°


°° Nature and hatching °°


°° Tomato herbs °°
Market gardener, sale of vegetable plants


°° The deer workshop °°
Forged knives, leather case,, handmade


°° Toulouse Association of Aquaponics and Fermaquatic °°
cultivation of fish and plants


°° The shell °°
Well-being massage


°° Issa bc painting °°

°° Marie & Max °°
Wood craft jewelry


°° Culture and territory heritage °°
tourist and cultural heritage


°° Sicoval °°
Composting, zero phyto, natural garden

°° Land Art °°

Restaurants & Breweries

LaVidaLocale - evening meal on reservation - starter main course dessert -

Reservation or

MENU at 12€

-Hall: salad with seasonal vegetables, vinaigrette with garden herbs, comfrey pesto, and edible flowers

-Dish: vegetable curry and fragrant rice

-Dessert: Medlar compote, banana muffins, apricot fruit paste


Drink not included

Micro Brewers:


Craft brewery


Craft brewery

Aurignac Ale

Craft brewery

The strengths of Malt

Public brew

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