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Markets / Products

Visibility - Exchange - Sales

Our products vary according to the seasons.

Sirop 25 cl                 4€

Gelée 250 ml                 3,50€

Jam 350 ml                 4€

Compote 350 ml            3,50€
          Extra de fruits 250 ml    3,50€             

We produce the medicinal plants you find in syrups and jellies. We sell processed products from recoveries made in organic stores that you will find in jams, compotes. 
We transform seasonal products.

You can find us in some grocery stores and purchasing groups:  

Vival Chez Niva at Auzielle,

ForwardAll at Ramonville,

Bazpla at Baziege,

The Semalou at Castanet Tolosan,

the campester at Venerque,

The counter of isatis at Nailloux,

Todo Locals at Saint-Felix du Lauragais,

The small market at Saint-Leon,

Labastienda at Labastide Beauvoir,

In the garden of Espirac at Fourquevaux,

good here at Karaman,

Semo at Gaillac,

bigchat at Ramonville,

at Saint Gaudens.

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